December 22, 2015

Solar Systems

Choose your Utility 

Top Hat Energy Inc. has built a reputation for knowledge and reliability since 1978. We can back the 10 yr warranty required on the labor for all grid tied solar electric systems. We take pride in the fact that we educate ourselves and the public regarding renewable energy.
Top Hat Energy Inc. has the experience and knowledge to design systems to match your needs. We have NO agreements with manufacturers or distributors that cause us to push their product when it’s not the best fit for you.

We have the experience and training to use the specs offered by the manufacturers of the products to lay out a system according to the parameters of the equipment that you want to use.

We are easy to contact with questions, and willing to explain our answers.  We will do all the paperwork involved with the job:

  • City or county permit application
  • Utility interconnect application
  • Rebate reservation application
  • Rebate claim forms

We honestly communicate with you regarding the projected system performance.

If you have more question please give us a call: 530.223.0753