March 1, 2022

Redding Electric Utility


Information from City of Redding web site Regarding their NEM A-2 residential solar program

Currently, the City of Redding residential energy charge is $.1528/KWh
The City of Redding will allow residential PV
Any excess power from the solar system that goes back into the grid will be paid to the homeowner at the “applicable retail rate”.
Currently, the applicable retail rate is $.0608/KWh
In other words, you pay 15.3 cents per KWh for power from the grid and you receive 6.1 cents per KWh of excess power.
There is no “banking of KWh” therefore no annual net metering. program

From page one:

Under REU’s Zero Net Energy Service, your electric service will be billed monthly as the net of the charge at the applicable retail rate for the residential or commercial service for energy consumed, and the credit applied (based on the current value of solar) for any surplus energy transmitted to the grid.

Surplus energy transmitted occurs when on-site generation exceeds on-site consumption and energy is transmitted to the grid (real-time customer energy generation exceeds real-time customer energy consumption). When customer on-site generation is identical to their on-site consumption, nothing is charged or credited. When the customer on-site generation does not meet their on-site consumption, the customer is charged at the applicable full retail rate.

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