Solar Review – Jeff and Leslie Lierly Redding CA

When my wife, Leslie, and I first contemplated the idea of solar energy in 2008, we immediately dismissed it as too expensive. However, after thinking it through and comparing our average monthly energy costs to the cost of a solar energy system, the answer became quite clear. We felt we HAD to do something about our ever-rising energy costs. Once we decided to go forward with solar energy, we then needed to choose a company. Leslie remembered someone mentioning Top Hat Energy in a positive way and, by coincidence, I saw a Top Hat Energy truck parked at a residence a short time later and decided to stop. I met Jeremy Hufft that day and from the first moment I met him, I found Jeremy to be not only very knowledgeable but extremely patient with me as someone who knew virtually nothing about solar energy. Jeremy was forced to repeat himself several times until we understood the different systems and concepts associated with solar energy. Jeremy was unexpectedly responsive by telephone and e-mail, an extremely rare quality today, and he patiently worked and reworked bids on different sized systems and helped us with different ideas. We felt so comfortable with Jeremy that we did not even solicit a second bid from another company. We never once doubted that Jeremy was fair or truthful with us. Since our solar system went operational in 2009, it has performed seamlessly. Top Hat Energy delivered on every promise made, showed up when they said they would, and stood behind their work when we had one extremely minor issue. Last year we paid $150 to PG&E, the year before that $50, and the year before that I actually had a credit. We are thrilled with our system and we have not regretted for even a nanosecond in the past five years. We have absolute faith and trust in Top Hat Energy. I recently contacted them about expanding our system and we have referred them to others. As far as we are concerned, Top Hat Energy is the only company we would use. I believe in the many benefits of solar energy and Top Hat Energy. I would gladly speak with anyone interested in exploring the concept of solar energy or show them the simplicity of our system.

Jeff and Leslie Lierly