Solar Review – Mark & Kathryn Redding CA

The folks at Top Hat Energy are the first company I called mostly because they have been in business longer than anyone in Shasta County and they do small and large projects. After my first call I was sure I made the right choice. At first I was offered a great system to cut my PG&E in half and I said no I want to eliminate my electricity bill so after an informative conversation I settled on a 13.2 KW system with 52 Solar Panels and 2-6000 watt inverters. The work was completed in just a few days they took care of all rebate, tax credit and permit paper work. The system was up and running in Oct. 2012 on most sunny days I produce between 70 and 80 kilowatts a day my best day being 82 kilowatts. I currently use 30 to 40 kilowatts a day and everything is electric except the propane cook top. I live at 4300 ft. near Lassen Park in the Viola area and we only used our wood stove 3 times that winter and use our A/C when needed and at the end of the first year I owed PG&E $0 and I am easily going to do the same this year. Last month I produced 2200 kilowatt [hrs] (Aug. 2014) Yes I would purchase solar and I would only use Top Hat Energy.

Mark & Kathryn