December 22, 2015

Solar Systems Redding CA

Solar Systems Redding CA
Are you wondering if you should go solar and want to know why you should?  Here are the top 10 reasons you should go solar.


You can completely or partially offset your utility bill. On a tiered meter, like PG&Es typical residential rates, a partial offset can save large amounts of money by keeping the usage down in the lower tiers, because as the month goes on with a tiered meter, you pay more and more for you power, based on how much you use.  Offsetting half the usage saves substantially more than half the money.If the usage is to be mostly offset, a distinct advantage can be seen with the use of the E6 Time of Use meter.

imagesThere are incentives in the form of rebates and tax credits offered by both state and local governments to help you get a utility-tied solar system, covering about half the cost.

  • 26% Federal Tax Credit

imagesYou can “freeze” your utility rates where they are by offsetting your power bill fully. PG&E has always raised rates approx. 6.7% annually for decades, but between April ’08 and March ’09, they raised the 2 upper tiers on the E1 meters (standard residential) 21%, drastically affecting large bills.

1280px-Hundred_dollar_bill_03Solar electric systems increase the value of your home, business, RV, or houseboat with non-taxable green equity.

imgresYou can purchase a solar system without changing your monthly budget. The solar system can be financed in a way that sets your monthly payments equal to previous utility bills.

images-1It’s good for the environment. Solar electricity produces no emissions at all after the initial production of the components.

A solar system silently produces electricity automatically, any time the sun shines on it.  Solar modules require no maintenance. A fixed mount solar grid tie system does not ever need maintenance.
Solar trackers require a minute amount of maintenance; a couple of grease fittings that could be serviced once a year.Any solar array can be sprayed off occasionally in high dust or pollen areas.

imgres-1Solar energy reduces our dependency on foreign oil. A lot of power is made by burning fuel.

As of the beginning of 2009, California still produced 16% of its power by burning coal, which produces twice the CO2 as burning natural gas.

  • produced approx. 40% of its power by burning natural gas
  • produced 12% of its power with renewable energy
  • most of the remaining is produced with nuclear power
images-2A solar system does not require fuel or re-charging to produce power, or more money put into the system. The solar modules are not “used up” as they produce power, so they last a very long time.
Because of rising fuel costs and high quality of equipment it pays to install a solar system. Solar modules themselves have no moving parts. We have begun to see more and more public expectations of offsetting personal power consumption.
305309_173854202690615_377610924_nTop Hat Energy has built a reputation for knowledge and reliability since 1978. We can back the 10 yr warranty required on the labor for all grid tied solar electric systems. We take pride in the fact that we educate ourselves and the public regarding renewable energy.
Top Hat Energy has the experience and knowledge to design systems to match your needs. We have NO agreements with manufacturers or distributors that cause us to push their product when it’s not the best fit for you or the best decision.

We aren’t forced to cram your needs into some package sold to us by a product distributor, or combine them to add up to the right size for you, because we have the experience and training to use the specs offered by the manufacturers of the products to lay out a system according to the parameters of the equipment that you want to use. A design made for you specifically will generally be the most economical and efficient. With a custom design, a nice looking solar layout can be achieved.

We are easy to contact with questions, and willing to explain our answers.  We will do all the paperwork involved with the job:

  • City or county permit application
  • Utility interconnect application
  • Rebate reservation application
  • Rebate claim forms

We honestly communicate with you regarding the projected system performance.