December 5, 2015

Pellet Stoves

Pellet Stoves

Pellet stoves are desirable for some people because the pellets are easy to handle, and they still get that wood fire glow.  Pellet stoves produce a very warm cozy heat.  Pellet stoves come in freestanding or fireplace inserts. Freestanding pellet stoves go on a hearth.  They have a  hopper, generally on the back, that you fill with pellets, and many come with thermostat options.  Some have battery backup options for power outages. Fireplace insert pellet stoves slide right into fireplaces, having the same characteristics as a normal pellet stove, burning pellets from a hopper.


Pellet Stove Service

We  do offer pellet stove service in your home, but we can also service your pellet stove here in our warehouse, which enables us to more thoroughly clean your stove, and more easily trouble shoot a malfunctioning pellet stove. Since it can often take a couple of hours or more to figure out what is wrong with a broken pellet stove; it can be easier on everyone involved to bring it in here and let us fix it.

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We offer many different wood pellet stoves from Napoleon, Osburn, and Breckwell.

Just a few of the pellet stoves that we carry.

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